Feedback from Professionals in Healthcare.

One man came to me for treatment for his Tennis Elbow. I treated him with massage and Acupuncture. This helped him. I also applied Cremax to his elbow and surrounding musculature. This helped him also. He continued to come for treatment and bought his own pot of Cremax. What he discovered is that the Acupuncture was working for him and during the days when he could not receive the treatment he carried the pot of Cremax with him which he applied at intervals throughout the day which helped him a lot.
Another man came for treatment for chronic issue of the lower back. I treated him using massage, Acupuncture and Cremax cream. He bought his own pot to use between treatments and found that it helped him considerably.

A friend rubbed Cremax onto the feet of her husband as he was suffering from Chilblains. He said that it helped him and over a period of time the condition improved.

J. Kollmann

Professional Acupuncturist, Holistic Healing

I have been using Cremax cream for the last 2 years for my clinic and myself.

I found cremax cream particularly works well for chronic arthritis .

You only need to apply small amount for affected area and you get overnight results in chronic condition.



As a massage therapist, I use a variety of balms and creams. I will often use Cremax near the end of the massage to soak in and hold the benefits of the massage. Cremax has a luxurious feel to it and I find it a pleasure to massage with. Clients (and myself)like the aroma also.

L. Wilson


I first used Cremax for my own injury on my wrist, after 4 years of injury by this stage I was willing to try anything and wasn’t sure how it would I go but I HONESTLY 100% can’t speak highly enough of it , and since my own experience and as a massage therapist of 18 years I also now love to use Cremax in my clinic and would I highly recommend anyone to try it. Cremax has a pleasant smell, a good consistency and doesn’t leave you feeling greasy.

A. Freeman

Professional , BodyFix Remedial Massage Therapy Clinic

Feedback from Customers

“I have used the Cremax muscle tension balm to treat my trigger finger for the last two months. My finger was totally stuck and needed help to straighten up. After two months of acupuncture therapy and frequent massage with Cremax balm, I can open my finger with no effort. I highly recommend the use of Cremax for trigger finger syndrome. I am now also using Cremax after my long walks to help release the tension on my knees and ankles!
A very big thank you from me.”

D. Kerdemelidis


“I have recently been using Cremax muscle tension balm for my neck, shoulders and lower back.

I have found this balm really relaxes the muscles and makes it easier to move my arms and neck.  Cremax balm has been especially effective, when I apply it after a hot shower at night, as it has relaxed the muscles and made it possible for me to be more comfortable when I go to bed.

I would recommend trying this balm, as it has certainly helped me.”

M. Anticich


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