Cremax Everyday

Relax Everyday

Cremax Muscle Tension Balm is a combination of natural herbs that support flexibility and movement of muscles and joints.

Cremax Everyday
Relax Everyday

Cremax Muscle Tension Balm is a Combination of Natural Herbs that Support Flexibility and Movement of Muscles and Joints.



Tension? Tightness? Stiffness?

Be Proactive! Not Reactive!

Prevent Deterioration

Can work proactively to help prevent the muscle tension and joints stiffness deteriorate to a painful condition.

Support Flexibility

Regular use can support healthy flexibility and normal movement of muscles and joints.

Natural Herbs

A combination of natural herbs developed by a highly experienced natural health practitioner.


What People Are Saying

As a massage therapist, I use a variety of balms and creams. I will often use Cremax near the end of the massage to soak in and hold the benefits of the massage. Cremax has a luxurious feel to it and I find it a pleasure to massage with. Clients (and myself)like the aroma also.

L. Wilson


“I have recently been using Cremax muscle tension balm for my neck, shoulders and lower back. I have found this balm really relaxes the muscles and makes it easier to move my arms and neck.                                                                                                                                                                       

M. Anticich


I have been using Cremax Cream for the last 2 years for my clinic and myself. I found cremax cream particularly works well for chronic arthritis. You only need to apply a small amount for the affected area and you get overnight results in chronic conditions.                                             



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